Joining the Recurse Center

Today, I received an email that my RC application has been accepted, and I could join the Recurse Center. I’ll be (virtually) attending Sprint 2, 2021 batch starting on March 29th.

On a personal level, I’m thinking about this as a mini-sabbatical to focus on things that I love to do.

One of my goals is to bring the Diggy more attention it deserves. I’ve found a few limitations in the current technologies, and a few parts will require a major redo. For instance, WebAssembly is very cool, but it’s also a rabbit’s hole if you try to build something that is expected to work as you run it locally on your laptop.

Other technologies could also lessen the burden and still feel like you’re developing in a local environment. It would be great to explore how Firecracker could be integrated into a Kubernetes cluster. Especially, with a much lower footprint and a faster boot time, it should be possible to build rich applications for those who are learning or teaching Python like they’re running everything locally. I found zero-setup idea very powerful.